Laundry Service x Tyler Mitchell Zine

Laundry Service x Tyler Mitchell Zine


Laundry Service have collaborated with celebrated New York photographer Tyler Mitchell to create this photo essay and thought piece exploring concepts of the self and black womanhood. Artfully shot by Mitchell, the Laundry Service X Tyler Mitchell zine is a natural progression of Laundry Service’s 2016 ‘Yellow Undertones’ collection.

The Laundry Service X Tyler Mitchell zine is a deeply collaborative project between its two creators. The entire project is a sensual, visual exploration into concepts and notions of self-love, identity and home.

The zine raises questions surrounding how black women view themselves in light of the lens the world puts them under – a world where they are often sexualised, fetishised and exoticised. This collaboration between Mitchell and Laundry Service looks at how blackwomen navigate spaces, including their own bodies, as women with cultural and ethnic identities.


Perfect bound
48 pages 95g
Cover: soft touch
Inside: uncoated paper
Text: Georgina Johnson
Design: Georgina Johnson & Tyler Mitchell
Photography: Tyler Mitchell
All clothing Laundry Service from 'Yellow undertones' collection
Models: Che baez & Ami Doumbia

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